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Size Guide

Measuring your Wrist for the Perfect Fit

  1. †Using a piece of paper or a string, measure your wrist at the location where you will most likely wear the bracelet.  

  2. Wrap the string around your wrist and mark with a pen where it starts to overlap. Lay the paper strip or string flat and measure its length up to the pen mark with a ruler.  

  3. Take the length that you measured your wrist and round it to the nearest 1/4″. That number will be your wrist size. We will adjust accordingly if needed for the perfect fit, depending on the style of bracelet.  

  4. Our pre-made bracelets are made to a certain length, which is displayed to you in the description. If you end up needing a different size, put the size of your wrist in the notes section of the checkout. We will adjust the sizing before shipping it out to you. 

  5. The only exception to this is if a bracelet is made adjustable. These bracelets are designed on the smaller and they can be made longer. 

Measuring your Neckline for the Perfect Look  

  1. Necklaces are measured in the same way as the wrist. Using a piece of paper or a string, place the string a the location where you will be wearing your necklace. You want to mae sure the string hangs at the length that the necklace will hang.  

  2. An average necklace size is 18 inches, but some people prefer them longer or shorter. A choker size is about 16 inches in length. All of our pre-made necklaces are made to a certain length, but you can request to change the length in the notes section at the checkout. 

  3. The only exception to this is if a necklace is made adjustable. These necklaces are designed on the shorter end and they can be lengthened.